Business Planning

Global tourism demand has sparked a new generation of Indigenous entrepreneurs and nations who see tourism as a gateway to economic growth, empowerment and independence.

Success doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes focus, discipline and a commitment to make hard choices.  Our clients want a strategy that has a clear path to success.  They want it to spark action and to rally their community around a focus that will generate results.


Trial and error is costly, especially when money, time and human resources are in short supply.  We can help put your ideas to work, faster with business strategies that focus your time and money on the actions that matter most.

Our focus is on Strategy in Action.  We’ll work with your community and entrepreneurs to build a winning focus AND take the extra step to show you what that strategy looks like in practice.  From incubating new businesses, to marketing, or to training so your team can do it for themselves, we have a proven track record of working with First Nations and succeeding together.

We’re great listeners.  Contact us to talk about where you want to take your business.