Hotel & Restaurant

Tourism starts with a place to sleep and a place to eat.  But success comes when your hotel or restaurant delivers an extraordinary experience. 

Like any hotel or restaurant, First Nations communities deal with staffing challenges, trying to keep operations efficient and consistent, and after paying all those bills, making money. But what First Nations communities face that others don’t, is that their hotel properties and restaurants are often in smaller, more rural settings.  These business managers also shoulder the added pressure of meeting cultural expectations and serving community priorities.

At Indigenous Worx, we ask First Nations entrepreneurs and business leaders the right questions to help focus on the business areas that matter most to you and your communities. Our team has decades of top hotel and restaurant experience that can help you better serve your guests, manage your money and work smarter (not harder).

Whether you’re starting a new venture or want to improve an existing business, we offer a range of expert services that get results, including:

Financial analysis

Looking at your profit and loss statements, we can uncover opportunities to improve your financial position.  Common opportunities include:

  • Getting the most out of every dollar
  • Reducing fixed costs
  • Making more money without increasing your costs
  • Staffing levels that keep your business profitable during busy AND slow periods
  • Building a budget from scratch (without any history to guide you)

 Service Engagement

Taking the extra time to develop a relationship with your guests will make sure they come back and tell their friends and family about their positive experience. Training staff to understand their guests better and to put that knowledge to work for your business is key.  Our service engagement approach will help your frontline teams:

  • Understand how your First Nations culture can deliver a powerful guest experience
  • Gain the confidence to believe that their daily contribution CAN make a difference in the guest experience and overall health of the business

 Process Improvement

Cutting costs is often just a band aid on the real business problem. Instead, we look at improving the efficiency and even order of tasks knowing these can make a huge difference and save your business thousands of dollars each year. A closer look at your business processes will in most cases lead to an improvement in profits, employee morale, and the quality of your products or services.

We’re great listeners.  Contact us to talk about where you want to take your business.