Outreach & Partnerships

Relationships are the life-blood of the tourism industry.  Great things happen when we take the time to really listen, understand, and respect each other’s opinions, needs and interests. But it’s up to BOTH sides to make it win-win.

Understanding First Nations values and how these intersect with your own, will reveal your best opportunity to partner and quite likely, provide you with your greatest competitive advantage.  Today’s global marketplace is demanding more ethical sourcing, rewarding businesses that ‘keep it local’ and treating sustainable practices as the standard, especially where Indigenous cultures are concerned.


Indigenous Worx specializes in Indigenous economic development, stakeholder relations, and partnership management for businesses, communities and governments.  We have a proven track-record in developing creative and holistic approaches that provide the right business foundation to build on.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Building partnerships with shared values as the foundation
  • Sustainable and holistic community development
  • Balancing the wellbeing of the Indigenous community, their cultural values and their desire to sustainably prosper

We’re great listeners.  Contact us to talk about where you want to take your business.